Like the profession in the rest of the developed world, pharmacy in the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi and the other six Emirates is moving towards new horizons in practice and education through the provision of world-class health care for its population and a first-rate education system for its health care practitioners.

Topic A: New trends in science, practice and education

This topic focuses on technology, digitalisation, robotics, individualisation, virtual classroom, communication, people-centred care and ethical challenges.

Topic B: New roles, opportunities, and responsibilities

This topic looks at pharmacists’ roles, roles of individuals, new services, collaboration and education.

Topic C: Health now!
Responding to the challenges of today

This topic recognises that challenges can be faced by looking at new research, ethical considerations, new values, access to health, health systems, sustainability, environmental sustainability, non-communicable diseases, empowerment of patients, empowerment of women, quality and assessment.

Topic D: Targeting special interest

This topic will target special interests in the different fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.